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How to Care for your jewelry

Written by Veronica Krieger — October 29, 2019

How to Care for your jewelry

How to Care for Solid Gold and Precious Stone Jewelry

Jewelry is more than just stylish decor to exemplify your style; it’s an investment that can make you shine and glow just a little bit more. Jewelry, especially high-quality jewelry, is meant to be worn with grace and cared for with love; why invest in your collection if you aren’t going to nurture your pieces? Jewelry of all varieties, from fine and dainty jewelry to everyday jewelry need suitable care and cleaning. Especially when you consider the long-term value of your jewelry collection, it’s most definitely important to care for your jewels properly.

In this article, we are going to cover how to clean fine jewelry and the best ways to care for your solid gold and precious stone jewelry so you know how to keep them in top-notch shape for years to come. Read on to learn more!

How to Clean Solid Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry should always be treated with care to preserve its beauty and ensure it remains in optimal condition. The best way to care for your gold jewelry is to use warm water and a solution of gentle, diluted soap. You can also use a soft cloth or brush, however, any type of abrasive materials should be avoided to prevent scratching the delicate surface of the gold. Remember to rinse thoroughly after cleaning, and then dry the jewelry by wiping to ensure all moisture has been removed.

Caring for Precious Stone & Diamond Jewelry

Wondering how to keep your birthstone earrings or your pave diamond ring looking stellar at all times? To maintain the beautiful appearance of your diamond and precious stone jewelry, a little care and effort go a long way. To clean your gems, a solution of warm water and gentle detergent will be all you need, plus a soft brush. Soak your jewelry in the warm water mix for 20-30 minutes, and afterward, using the brush, you can gently scrub each piece. This ensures a proper yet gentle cleaning, to keep the delicate surfaces of the jewelry remain polished and scratch-free. Rinse the jewelry in warm water to finish, and then dry each piece with a soft, lint-free cloth. This will help to ensure your diamonds and precious stones maintain their gleaming appearances without scratches or blemishes.

Other Tips to Preserve Your Jewelry

Fine jewelry pieces from Krieger Collection do not need much special attention for care and maintenance, but certain precautionary measures should be taken to ensure your jewels remain in stunning, eye-catching condition. Here are a few pointers to keep in mind for the longevity of your jewelry:

  • Never use abrasives to clean your jewelry, as they can scratch, damage, or harm the gold and/ or settings.
  • If you are cleaning your home, keep your jewelry off. Many household cleaners, though seemingly inconspicuous, can cause damage to your fine jewelry.
  • Be wary of what you put on your skin after you put on your jewelry. Lotions, perfume, and many other products contain chemicals that should not come into contact with your fine jewelry.
  • Take your jewelry off before swimming in pools or the ocean. Saltwater and chlorine are not the best matches for your jewels.
  • If you’re doing any physical activity, such as playing sports, be sure to be jewelry-free, to avoid damage or causing diamond settings to become loose.
  • Store your fine jewelry in a safe, dry, and cool environment, and if possible, separately, to ensure each piece of jewelry has no contact with others to avoid scratching.

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