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How we started

Veronica Krieger began her career in the entrepreneurial world after college, with a penchant for business ownership. Over time, it became apparent that she was spending less time doing what she loved in a career that was less than fulfilling. In 2018, with a clear vision, Veronica started her business, Krieger Collection. This stunning line of jewelry is centered around themes of timeless wearability, free-spirited fun, and longevity.

A passion for jewelry runs deep in Veronica’s family.

Her grandfather was a diamond setter and her father was a jewelry designer in the 1970s. Veronica began designing her own pieces in 2010 starting with fashion jewelry and transitioning to fine jewelry. She officially launched her business in 2018, with a collection of 15 carefully-curated pieces.

Our Inspiration

The inspiration for Krieger Collection comes from a lifelong love for fashion. In addition, Veronica remains passionate about creating custom design pieces as well as unique, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Krieger Collection is comprised of beautiful, handcrafted jewelry, designed and crafted in Miami, FL, USA. A strict adherence to sourcing the best quality diamonds, precious stones, and using the best casters and setters makes this line truly unique and extra special.

What Sets Us Apart

As a woman-owned and run business, Krieger Collection advocates for women supporting other women, as well as small local businesses.

What sets her jewelry line apart from others is a dedication to designing from the heart, while also paying close attention to the evolution of fashion and style. When wearing Krieger Collection pieces, everyone should feel sexy, empowered, and fashionable. It’s about making a statement, because at the end of the day, a positive compliment goes a long way.

Veronica Krieger designs and lives in Miami Beach, FL, with her husband and 4-year-old son.

“I created my collection because I wanted to share my designs, style, and passion with everyone. It came very naturally to me to start a business that allowed me to do something I am very passionate about it.”

Veronica Krieger